Cat Vas is one of Australias leading entertainers with performances, compositions and collaborations placed on TV shows and advertisements all over the world. 

An incredibly versatile artist, Cat has worked with major recording labels, travelled the world with her music & has performed with some of the biggest artists in the world.

Combining her background in performance as a singer, dancer, instrumentalists and audio engineer,  in recent years she has envisioned & executed key “moments” for brands such as Cartier & Samsung resulting in millions of dollars in sales.

Cat's broad skill set and extensive experience in the industry has organically opened doors as a creative consultant, event producer and booking agent for some of the most exciting venues in Sydney including The Grounds of Alexandria, Chifley Towers & The Queen Victoria Building.

Having booked nearly one thousand performances for venues and private events in the past two years, Cat has worked with nearly every musician in town. This has lead Cat to establish a premium Talent Agency representing a select group of Sydneys most phenominal and equally reliable musicians, guarenteed to elevate any event.